Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data


General information about the Protection of Personal Data

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (“PDPL”), personal data means any data about or of an identified or identifiable individual. By virtue of this letter of consent, you hereby agree that all your personal data that you provide us with shall be recorded, saved, stored and retained by Dansfabrika Eğlence Organizasyon ve Spor Faaliyetleri Limited Şirketi (“Dansfabrika”) with its systems, and may be modified, edited, disclosed in line with the applicable legislation, transferred, acquired, categorized and processed Dansfabrika as defined in the applicable legislation for such reasons, purposes and by such means and method which are detailed below, and yo further declare that you have read, understood and approved this letter of consent, which also describes your rights that you have under the PDPL.

Identity of the Data Controller: Dansfabrika Eğlence Organizasyon ve Spor Faaliyetleri Limited Şirketi

Purpose of Processing Personal Data: Dansfabrika shall organize a dance camp in JJ Arena in İstanbul between June 24-25th 2023. Identity details, address details, contact details of individuals who shall participate in the said event and their audio-visual video records as well as other personal data shall be collected by Dansfabrika. Dansfabrika shall record, store and retain them in secure systems; and modify, edit, disclose, transfer, acquire, categorize, process them pursuant to the applicable legislation, and shall prevent the use of them beyond such purpose.

Persons to whom Processed Personal Data may be transferred and Purpose of Transfer: Dansfabrika may transfer your personal data to its employees, officers, trainers, business partners and consultants, affiliates and group companies as well as its service providers or outsourcers, public agencies and entities based in Turkey and abroad for the conduct of its business in line with the applicable legislation for the purposes of inquiring the organization’s efficiency, the promotion of the organization, keeping its statistical data. For in-house plans and conduct of marketing and data researches and for disclosing the organization to the press and media. In this respect, your photographs or videos may be shot, and these photographs and videos may be displayed and used in all channels and sub-channels of digital, press and visual media in Turkey and abroad without any limitation whatsoever in terms of time, type, country and channel, may be broadcast or used in all in-house and third party advertisements and commercials, including public transmission devices, and in this respect, may be transferred to third parties, including service providers and outsourcers. Moreover, such data that should be reported pursuant to the applicable legislation shall be reported by Dansfabrika to said authorities to ensure that Dansfabrika shall comply with its obligation to inform them. Your data that are transferred hereunder may be collected, saved, stored, retained, modified, edited, discloser, transferred, obtained, categorized, processed or blocked by third party transferees from use in line with the personal data protection law.

Method and Legal Grounds to Collect Personal Data: Your personal data may be collected or saved by Dansfabrika verbally, in writing or visually pursuant to agreements and unwritten contracts made pursuant to the Program or by means of secure electronic platforms.

Your rights listed in Article 11 of the PDPL: As a data subject, you may exercise your rights below by applying to Dansfabrika, which is the data controller under the PDPL:

a) To inquire into whether or not personal data are processed; b) if personal data are processed, to ask for information about it; c) to inquire into the purpose of processing personal data, and if they are used in line with this processing; ç)  to know about third parties to whom your personal data are transferred in Turkey or abroad; d) If personal data are processed incompletely or erroneously, then to request for their correction; e) to request that personal data should be deleted or destroyed according to the applicable provision of the PDPL; f) to request that operations carried out in line with subparagraphs (d) and (e) involving your personal data shall be reported to third parties to which your personal data are transferred; g) to object to any result that is detrimental to you and that may arise as a result of analysis your processed personal data by means of  exclusively automatic systems; ğ)  to request to be indemnified against your losses that may arise from the unlawful processing of your personal data

Data Subject’s Declaration:

I hereby agree and declare that pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698, I have read, reviewed, assessed and understood the privacy notice above in connection with the processing by Dansfabrika of all my personal data provided by me to Dansfabrika, including, but not limited to, my personal data, biometric data and healthcare date, personal verbal and visual media records, photographs, pictures and videos, and for their transfer by Dansfabrika to third parties; that I hereby give my explicit approval to the processing and transfer of my personal data as defined above under the PDPL; that I hereby assign all my rights, including the processing, reproduction, promulgation, public transmission and performance rights arising from my photographs and videos short during the organization; that I hereby give my explicit approval to the broadcast of them online or by means of web site or other media ; that I have read and understood the contents of my rights granted to be under the applicable law and that I hereby consent to the processing and disclosure by Dansfabrika of my personal data to third party individuals or entities in light of the information above.

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