Participation Agreement



This agreement has been executed by and between
Dansfabrika Eğlence Organizasyon ve Spor Faaliyetleri Limited Şirketi headquartered at the address Huzur Mahallesi. Menderes Caddesi, No:9, Sarıyer/Istanbul (hereinafter referred to as “Dansfabrika”) on one side, and ____________ domiciled at the address ________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Guest”) on the other side.


This Agreement has been executed to set forth the mutual rights of the Guests to participate in the dancing camp to be organized and hosted by Dansfabrika between June 24-25th 2023 in Istanbul (hereinafter referred to as the “Organization”), and Dansfabrika.


3.1. By buying the ticket of the Organization, the Guest is deemed to agree with the terms of this agreement and annexes hereto. After purchase of ticket by the Guest, registration shall take place on the starting date of the Organization. Within this framework, the Guest agrees and represents that he/she is aware that he/she should present the payment slip for registration.

3.2. If the Guest cannot attend the Organization for any reason, despite having purchased a ticket, this shall not be under Dansfabrika’s liability, and the Participant shall be deemed to have attended the Organization. In such case, Dansfabrika shall not refund the ticket price or provide any other right.

3.3. Parties may not transfer their rights and obligations arising from this Agreement to third parties. Therefore, the Guest may neither transfer the Camp package/ticket bought by himself/herself to any other person, nor have others use such Camp package/ticket. No guest may claim any refund or otherwise from Dansfabrika, based on failure to attend the organization. However, if the Guest presents a doctor’s report evidencing a disease that prevents attending the Organization, he/she may transfer such event entry right to another participant. In such case, the transferee participant must also sign this agreement. Consequently, this must be notified to Dansfabrika until at least three days before the Organization starting date.

3.4. As of the day the camp membership payment is made, Dansfabrika does not refund, freeze or cancel classes due to the quota limitation of the camp and the price advantage it offers. The Guest undertakes and accepts this in advance.

3.5. The Guest shall be obliged to comply wt the Covid-19 measures under the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, for his/her own security and the security of other Guests, Artists and Dansfabrika personnel. Within this framework, the Guest agrees with this responsibility in advance. In such case, Dansfabrika shall not refund the ticket price or provide any other right.

3.6. The Organization may be cancelled for reasons not caused by Dansfabrika (administrative sanctions, Covid-19 measures or other force majeure) or postponed to another date, depending on the situation and conditions. Upon complete cancellation of the Organization, Dansfabrika shall be obliged to refund the ticket price paid by the Guest, within 45 business days. In such case, Dansfabrika shall not be under obligation to pay any amount other than the ticket price. Upon postponement of the Organization to another date, the Guest may attend a new dated organization with present ticket.

3.7. Dansfabrika shall be entitled to change and cancel the Organization at any time, and may change, restructure according to needs, the Organization rules, applications, number of courses, course hours, course schedule and the instructors any time. All changes in this context shall be announced on Dansfabrika and Campfabrika social media accounts and address and may be followed online.

3.8. The Guest agrees and represents that he/she shall comply with the Organization, JJ Arena’s business rules during the Organization, and shall avoid acts that may adversely affect the general security and festival ambience, and shall comply with the rules at the event showground set by Dansfabrika and the rules set forth by the hotel. Within this framework, inter alia, Covid-19 measures and rules shall also be complied with, and acts causing close contact such as taking photograph with Instructors shall be avoided. Upon failure to comply with such measures, which are aimed at protecting community health, Dansfabrika may require the Guest to leave the den event showground and the accommodation area.

3.9. Instructors previously announced may fail to take part in the Organization for any reason before the start of Organization or during the Organization. In such case, Dansfabrika shall ensure the continuity of the schedule with other Instructors, and no refund, payment etc. may be claimed from Dansfabrika due to failure of the announced Instructor to take part in the Organization.

3.10. No Guest below the age of 7 shall be admitted to the Organization. Guests between the ages 7 and 15 may attend the Organization only with accompaniment of their parents. Guests between the ages 15 and 18 are required to present a consent letter with a wet signature of consent that is written by their parents, that gives responsibility to another person who’s older than 18 and who’s also attending to the camp. Participants should bring this letter with them. An example of the letter of consent can be received from the members of the Campfabrika Team.

3.11. The Guest shall be liable by himself/herself for protecting own valuable belongings, and the Dansfabrika shall not liable for any goods lost, stolen or otherwise damaged at the Organization venue.

3.12. The Guest shall not remove the wristband delivered to him/her, during the Organization. Otherwise he/she may not attend the courses.

3.13. Admission to the hall where the courses take place will be with wristbands, and it is forbidden to bring other spectators, or any food, alcoholic beverages, or beverages other than water. In addition, it is forbidden to record the courses or broadcast live during the courses, and the Guest agrees and represents that he/she shall comply with such obligations.

3.14. Dansfabrika shall be entitled to use the photographs and videos of the activities conducted during the Organization, on the internet, its website and social media accounts. The Guest hereby represents that he/she acknowledges and agrees with this issue.

3.15. Dansfabrika shall be under no liability for whether the Guest has the health conditions necessary for attending the Organization, or is eligible for the activities, or medical examinations have been made, or not, or for the medical advice of healthcare consultants or the consequences thereof. The Guest shall be obliged to take personal health measures.

3.16. Guests are forbidden from attending the Organization if they have any infection, contagious diseased or other disease that may affect other guests, the employees and/or the instructors. In such case, the Guest shall be personally liable for damages caused on 3rd persons. If Dansfabrika has any doubt as to any such disease of the Guest, Guest’s attendance at the Organization may be constrained.

3.17. Dansfabrika shall be under no liability for any loss, injury, mental, bodily, physical damage and/or health problems incurred by the Guest (for whatever reason) during the Organization (during the camp and the spare times of the Organization). The Guest undertakes, accepts, agrees and represents in advance that he/she acknowledges this matter and that he/she shall have no claim from Dansfabrika as a result thereof.

3.18. Dansfabrika’s commercial books and records, computer records, and minutes issued, and attachments thereof, such as documents, microfilm, microfiche etc. documents shall constitute exclusive evidence in case of any dispute that may arise from this agreement, and this provision constitutes written evidence contract between the parties.


4.1. This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed and implemented in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

4.2. Any dispute that may arise from this agreement shall be resolved exclusively by Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices, based on the Turkish text hereof.

4.3. Any amendment on this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by the parties for validity.

4.4. If any provision of this Agreement becomes null and void or legally unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the Agreement.

This agreement, comprising four main articles in six pages, has been signed and put into effect by the parties.

Dansfabrika Eğlence Organizasyon ve Spor Faaliyetleri Limited Şirketi



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