27th August - 4th September 2022

CampFabrika x High Heels Dance Camp

HHDC'22 + CF'22
27th August - 4th September
  • High Heels Dance Camp
  • - 10 Classes On Spot
  • CampFabrika
  • - 30 Classes On Spot
27th - 28th August
  • High Heels Dance Camp
  • - 10 Classes On Spot
30th August - 4th September
  • CampFabrika
  • - 30 Classes On Spot


I think you should be ready for this, because the moment have been waiting has become! Let’s start…

CampFabrika which will be held at Jolly Joker Arena between August 30 and
September 4 2022, this year brings together the world’s famous choreographers and dance enthusiasts from more than 20 countries in Istanbul.

CampFabrika, one of the top 5 camps in the World, will meet its participants face to face with various workshops, showcases, parties and different events for 1 week.

Sure we will have many surprises for you, get ready for this because CampFabrika will be take all day morning till midnight. There will be no sleeping!

CampFabrika will push the limits this year with more than 20 instructors and more than 50 classes.

Let’s be with us at CampFabrika to be the part of this unforgettable experience.

High Heels Dance Camp

Did you know that the first High Heels Dance Camp in the World was held in Turkey with “High Heels Dance Turkey”.

This year High Heels Dance Camp will be held at Jolly Joker Arena on the dates between 27 August and 28 August.

High Heels Dance is educated high heel culture which uses the basics of jazz, Street jazz, funk, hiphop, vogue, wacking, twerking and etc.

In 2019, we held the world’s first and only high-heeled dance camp in Istanbul, with participation from 14 different countries. 6 world-famous choreographers who have worked with famous artists such as Beyonce, Usher, Ariana Grande; Yanis Marshall, Galen Hooks, Aliya Janell, Kiira Harper, Ashley Everett and Çisil Sıkı have given tight training.

With this program, students will have an unforgettable weekend with famous choreographers from many different countries of the world, while meeting with participants from different European countries and making their dreams come true.

High Heels Dance Camp is completely educational oriented and aims to bring this culture together with dance enthusiasts and to create an international community at the same time.

Sounds great already, doesn’t it? Then get your heels ready without wasting your time and book your place for the “High Heels Dance Camp”, which will be remembered for a long time.


Contact us now for both application and further details.

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